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Investing with Klear – a beginner’s guide

1 August 2021 / 5 min.

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Ready to start investing? Great!  
We recommend, however, that you go through this short guide first. 
It will help you understand how Peer-2-Peer lending and our platform work by answering the most common questions we’ve received from our investors through the years.  
Let’s start with some more generic questions, and then go into more detail: 
How does p2p lending work? 
In what exactly am I investing? What do I own? 
What is the profile of the borrowers? 
How does Klear manage the credit risk 
In which currency can I invest? 
Which are the must know things before start investing in Klear?  
When will I get back my investment? 
What is the term of the investment?   
If you don’t have a verified Klear investor account, click here and follow the steps to get one. 
After your account is verified, you can start investing. But first you need to transfer money to it. Learn how to do that.   
The money arrived at your Klear account? Perfect! Here are 5 strategies to invest with Klear. Choose the right one for you!   
Following information might also be very useful for you: 
Why do I have a limitation of the amount I can invest in 1 loan? 
What is the difference between primary and secondary markets?  
Do I owe tax for income generated by P2P lending?  
Have more questions? Check our FAQ section or contact us at