Make the most of your money

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Spend smarter

Define how much money you will receive and spend throughout the month and see whether your income will be enough to cover the expenses that are about to come.
If what you planned is not what happens in reality, you are still able to make changes that will prevent you from relying on a payday loan.

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Know where your money is going

Enter every transaction at the moment it occurs and know the exact amount of your disposable income and what you should use it for.
This clear view will help you reduce impulsive purchases and start spending on things that really matter to you.

лични финанси

Reach your goals

Follow the status of your loans and set the saving goals you want to achieve.
See where you are now and how much is left to the place you wish to be.

How it works?

Klear Budget is not an app, but you can easily use it on each device. All you need is internet.

How much does it cost?

You can use Klear Budget for free and this won’t change over time because:

  • Everyone should know how to manage his budget.
  • We want to increase financial literacy.
  • More people will use the tool when it’s free.