There is a way to invest.

20 BGN start bonus for the next 914 new investors!


Investing in low-risk loans.

Klear provides an opportunity to invest in personal loans to creditworthy borrowers. You earn from the interest they pay.

Accessible. Simple. No fees.

  • Start with 100 BGN or more. Top-up at any time.
  • Automate your investing and save time.
  • Invest or withdraw money with no fee.
  • Need your money back? Sell to other investors.

There is a risk not to recover the whole amount of your capital.

Klear is not a bank, doesn’t collect deposits and your money is not guaranteed by the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund or any other guarantee.

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Lower risk or higher return. It’s up to you.

Your return is the difference between the interest paid on loans and the expected level of risk.

Choose loans with lower risk (S-A-B) or with the highest returns (C-D). Or invest in all.

See how it works

  • S

    Return 4.2%

    Interest 4.7% - Loss 0.5%

  • A

    Return 4.7%

    Interest 5.9% - Loss 1.2%

  • B

    Return 5.7%

    Interest 8.0% - Loss 2.3%

  • C

    Return 6.7%

    Interest 10.8% - Loss 4.1%

  • D

    Return 7.7%

    Interest 14.0% - Loss 6.3%

Dispersion of returns by number of loans (learn more)

By investing small amounts in many loans, your return will converge towards the expected levels.

We take care of the selection of creditworthy borrowers to keep the risk under control.

Read more about how Klear manages risk

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