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P2P Lending Platform

We created an environment connecting people who need money with people looking for higher return from their savings.

потребителски кредит

Klear connects borrowers and people with savings, providing the best conditions on the market.

потребителски кредити p2p

Borrowers and lenders are disconnected and the intermediary is taking a big margin.

What makes us unique

Our goal is to combine P2P financial services and free financial education. We call it Finance 2.0

финансово образование, потребителско кредитиране
  • Our financial education aspect is a non-profit activity. This is our social commitment.
  • Users of our free tools and advice may also benefit joining our P2P lending platform. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Customers who are not eligible for P2P lending products, will be advised how to improve their situation.
  • The synergy between P2P lending platform and free financial education will leave our positive social footprint.

Advice and tools for everyone

We want to create a go-to source for everything people need in order to make better financial decisions.

Klear Budget

Klear Budget

Our free online and mobile-friendly budget management tool. It will help you know where your money goes and make the most out of it.
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The blog of Кlear

The blog of Кlear

Everything we have learned over the years in the field of consumer finance is now made available to you in a clear jargon-free language.
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Who we are and who we are not

We want to make sure that you understand what our values and products are.

We are:

  • Alternative to consumers of banking loans and deposits
  • Peer-to-peer lending platform
  • Registered financial institution per art. 3a of the CIA maintained by BNB
  • Part of sharing economy
  • Specialists in credit risk management

We are not:

  • Payday loan company
  • Bank - we are not collecting deposits and we don’t use your money
  • Publicly regulated market
  • Investment intermediary
  • Payment institution