Through everything we do, we aim to create a financial world that is fairer and more impact conscious.

“Why do people who take a credit with a bank have to pay high interest rates while people depositing money have extremely low returns? Why are unclear conditions and hidden fees a common practice?

We were fed up with that. We quit to create something better. Klear. We built a marketplace, fair and transparent. A place where everyone wins.”

Loic Le Pichoux, co founder of Klear

Who are we?

Klear was founded in 2015 by Loic Le Pichoux and Lukasz Lukaszewski, two senior bank executives who left their well paid jobs to create an ethical and fair alternative to personal lending and investing.

Our team is driven by a common ambition to deliver sustainable benefits to the society.

We aim to be the ethical disruptor of finance not only to transform the world of finance, but to change it for the better.

The core of our expertise is Credit Risk management. Many of us have experience in granting credits or collecting loans in delay. We know risk firsthand.

Our Core Promises

1. Fair for all

We always aim for a win win outcome. If something is good only for our investors, but not for the borrowers (or vice versa), we don’t do it.

Fairness is subjective. This is why we follow our moral standard and never take advantage of someone who is not well informed or who is in a difficult situation.

2. Transparent throughout

The Klear platform aims to be as transparent as possible from a customer’s perspective.

People should be aware what is happening with their money at every moment (and why it is happening too).

When we change something, we always explain the reasoning behind.

Transparency is key for our communication too. We share not only the good news, but also the bad.

3. A good deal and beyond

We aim to provide our customers with good conditions that impact much more than the one off deal.

We do so by being mindful of the total impact of our service.

We also aim to improve the overall financial wellbeing of our community by providing information and tools for overall financial knowledge and success.

Facts and numbers

Klear is a financial institution registered in the Register per art. 3a of the Credit Institutions Act maintained by the Bulgarian National Bank under Reg. BGR00368.

Klear share capital is 3 226 860 BGN.

Our share capital is 3 226 860 BGN. The founders are the main shareholders. Since 2019, the German Varengold Bank is a shareholder too.

In 2021, the venture capital fund NV3* invested in Klear more than 1.5M BGN.

*NEW VISION 3 CO FUND KD is co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds under the Operational Programme for Innovation and Competitiveness 2014-2020 managed by the Fund of Funds in Bulgaria.

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