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потребителски кредит
Klear team


We share a modern vision of finance and we want to empower people to make the most of their money.

Who are we?

We are a team of colleagues and good friends from France, Poland and Bulgaria.

Le Pichoux

Co-funder & CEO


Co-funder & Risk Guardian


Business Alchemist


Financial Padawan


Customer Advisor


Website Beautifier


Chaos Architect


Customer Advisor


Customer Advocate


Software Advisor


Software Agronomist


Code Perfectionist


Code Magician

What is our story?

We have long-term experience in Bulgaria as well as other countries in Europe and Africa in one of the largest international banking groups.

We have worked in all business areas from the lowest to the highest level and we have a good understanding in theory and practice. But there are things we don’t want to do anymore, there are things we want to do differently.

We believe that the continuous search for more and more profit, solely, cannot build a sustainable business.
We decided to take up the challenge to create a for-profit business with strong positive social impact.

Why Klear?

Many customers lack financial literacy to manage efficiently their budget and analyze the terms and conditions of financial products.

The information on the market is not always provided objectively. Customers often agree with conditions that are not well clarified to them. Such uninformed decisions can have significant and long term consequences to their living standard and well-being.

Our ambition is to build a new way to interact with Finance. Based on transparency, awareness and sharing.

What is our approach?

We have built a unique combination:
- A Peer-to-Peer lending platform offering alternative solutions to people looking for money and people with money to lend. Meaning cheaper credits for borrowers and higher returns for investors, than in banks.

- A free range of educational tools to develop the financial capability of customers and facilitate them in making deliberate decisions about their finances. We offer a Budget Management Tool as well as articles, eBooks and advices for people.

Why do we provide services for free?

Free, because it’s the only way to reach the maximum number of people and provide the much needed by society financial education.

Yes, of course, we hope that some of the users will also take advantage of the lending platform services, but only if they need and want it. Only if they accept it. Even if they don’t take interest in the financial products of the platform, they are still welcome to use all the free tools whenever they want.

What is our long-term view?

This is a long-term project. These things are new and it will take some time to develop and reach a vast number of users.

We don’t plan to spend millions in advertising because it's’ costy and we want our products to remain competitive.

So we rely on the progressive development of the Klear community, a safe harbor where trust is essential.

We believe that by doing business with purpose we will gain the recognition and the engagement of our customers. This will be our key driver of growth.

Where is the money coming from?

We are a startup. We built a marketplace. Margins in a marketplace are thin. Therefore, the profitability will come only with big volumes.

So, we need a significant amount of money to start the project and reach a stage where it’s self-sufficient.

We, founders, gathered 1 M Euros from our personal savings and family funds. That’s mainly money we earned during the many years we have worked, money we saved and that we have decided to dedicate to this great and ambitious project.

Yes, we take a personal risk. But we believe in it.

Recently we also got an investment from The Spot, an accelerator specialized in FinTech startups, based in Slovakia. They have brought 100K Euros.