What is the difference between primary and secondary markets?

The primary market is the place you should go when starting investing in the platform. Secondary market is for already experienced users.

In the primary market you will mainly find loans freshly financed and sold by Klear. Some of them have already passed one or more due dates (due dates are the days the borrower should pay the monthly installment), but in all cases the loan is on time (no delay).

You can also find loans sold by investors. They also must be without delay.

All these loans are sold at their nominal price, ie without extra cost or discount.


Loans with current delay or with serious payment problems in the past go to the secondary market.

We have developed a valuation model which gives indication if the loan should be sold at the nominal price or not. See here our KIP indicator. All loans with a KIP different from 0% will go on the secondary market.

Besides, if an investor is willing to sell a loan with a Premium or Discount, it will be displayed on the secondary market only.



Without Premium or Discount

With Premium or Discount


Primary Market

Secondary Market

KIP is "?" or different from 0%

Secondary Market

Secondary Market