1. Organizer of the campaign
    „Klear Lending“ AD with address: 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria, 7 „Momin Kladenets“ str., Fl. 1, hereinafter referred to as “KLEAR”.
  2. Campaign period
    The campaign starts on 01.05.2022 and ends on 30.06.2022 or when 100 people receive a 20 BGN start bonus, whichever occurs earlier.
  3. Number of Start Bonuses
    There is a limited number of 100 Start Bonuses.
  4. Amount of the Start Bonus
    The Start Bonus is in the amount of 20 BGN.
  5. Who is eligible for a Start Bonus
    1. Every person (“User”) that is over 18 years old, has an IBAN account from a country in the EU/EEA, has not invested with Klear before 01.05.2022 and has competed all of the following 3 steps:
      - is registered and verified as an investor in the Klear platform
      - has deposited at least 200 BGN to his/hers Klear account
      - has invested at least 200 BGN of the deposited money on the Klear marketplace
    2. If an User deposits 200 BGN or more to his/hers Klear account but doesn’t invest it on the Klear marketplace, this User is not eligible for a Start Bonus.
  6. When and how will Users receive their Start Bonus
    A Start Bonus the amount of 20 BGN will be transferred to the User’s Klear account in a single payment in the next 24 hours after the User completes all steps in 5.1.
  7. Where can Users see the number of the remaining Start Bonuses
    To see the number of remaining Start Bonuses, the User has to visit the Invest section in the menu of his profile and to click on Invest with Klear. If the User is not logged in his/hers Klear account, he can find this information by clicking on following link:
  8. Other
    1. Klear reserves the right to deny a Start Bonus if we notice any activity that we believe is abusive, fraudulent, or does not comply with any of these Terms or any other agreements that apply to Users.
    2. Klear shall be fully responsible for calculating and paying all taxes arising from the obtained Start Bonus. All Bonuses will be paid to the Users after tax and other deductions have been done by Klear.
    3. Users should be aware of the risks they take before they start investing on Klear’s platform.