What can I do if I need to get back my money earlier than planned?

You can decide to sell your portfolio or part of it. To get back your money, there should be investors ready to buy the parts of loans you display for sale.


When selling, you can decide to put a Premium (it makes sense if the market conditions have changed) or with a Discount (it makes sense if the loan had some problems with paying on time).


We provide you an indicative value called KIP, based on the payment history and market conditions. See detailed explanation of KIP.

To summarize, if KIP is equal to 0%, we estimate that the loan is regular and should not be sold with a discount. But you’re the only one to decide whether to put it or not.


Be aware that in case you put a Premium or a Discount, the loan will be displayed for sale on the secondary market.

It will also be displayed on the secondary market if the KIP value is different from zero.



Without Premium or Discount

With Premium or Discount


Primary Market

Secondary Market

KIP is "?" or different from 0%

Secondary Market

Secondary Market