Why is the amount of the interest in "Movements" different than in "Results"?

The difference between the two interests is that the one in "Movements" is the received interest, and that in the "Results" is the earned interest.

The received interest is the interest that you received on repayment of the monthly installment by the borrower on his due date and the sold accrued/overdue interest.

The earned interest is the interest that you actually get  as a profit. It is the received interest deducted with the purchased accrued interest, which you acquired when purchasing your part on the loan.


Earned interest = (Received interest - Purchased accrued/overdue interest + Sold accrued/overdue interest) + Current accrued/overdue interest



On the 10th day, you purchased a credit with a due date at 20th. By purchasing this part, you have acquired both principal (9.90 BGN) on the respective loan and accrued interest (0.10 BGN), which is the accumulated interest from the last due date, that is from the 20th of the previous month to 10th this month, the time of purchase. On the 20 th day, the borrower repays his installment, which gives you a portion of your principal (0.90 BGN) and the corresponding interest for the month (0.15 BGN). The received interest for you will be 0.15 BGN, but you actually earned 0.05 BGN because you have already paid for the other 0.10 BGN when you originally purchased the loan from the other investor.