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Cashback bonus campaign 2021 – all you need to know

1 August 2021 / 7 min.

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Between 01.08.2021 and 31.10.2021 you can earn up to 1.5% cashback bonus while investing with Klear. From this article you can learn how exactly it works.

Why a bonus campaign?

We plan to scale exponentially the number of loans in our portfolio in the coming months. To keep the balance, we need to acquire new investors too. So, we created a bonus program to get their attention. It should make them test our platform and fall in love with it. Of course, we didn’t want to exclude anyone – the cashback bonus campaign is open to everyone – current and new investors alike.

How big is the cashback bonus?

It is 0.5% monthly (6% on a yearly basis) and will be accrued for 3 months. So, it is 1.5% for the whole duration of the campaign. 

How can I earn a cashback bonus?

You just need to deposit money to your Klear investor profile and invest it on our marketplace, manually or using the Auto Invest function. 

How is the cashback bonus calculated?

Cashback bonus is accrued only on the amount of money you add and keep invested during the campaign period (01.08.2021 - 31.10.2021). The cashback bonus is calculated every day using this formula: 

Daily cashback bonus = (Outstanding for the day – Outstanding right before the start of the campaign) *0.0163%

“Outstanding” is the whole amount of money that you have invested at this point.

Important: If the outstanding for the day is lower than the outstanding right before the start of the campaign or equals 0, this will indicate that you have not added and invested additional money during the campaign – so the cashback bonus for this day will be 0.

Let’s calculate the daily cashback bonus on the 3rd of August for an investor who had added and invested 1000 BGN after the campaign started, on 2nd of August. He also had invested 10 000 BGN before the start of the campaign.  He will receive 0.0163% bonus every day of the campaign on the part of the 1000 BGN that he keeps invested. 

Outstanding for the day (3rd of August) = 11 000 BGN
Outstanding before the start of the campaign = 10 000 BGN
Daily cashback bonus rate = 0.0163% (=1.5% divided by 92, the number of days in the campaign).
Daily cashback bonus for 3rd of August = (11 000 – 10 000) *0.0163% = 1000*0.0163/100 = 0.163 BGN 

So, each day until 31.10.2021 the investor will earn another 0.16 BGN if she/he keeps the money invested.

What if I don’t have any money invested before the start of the campaign?

In this case the calculation is even simpler. If you don’t have any outstanding before the start of the campaign your daily bonus will be the result of the outstanding for the day multiplied by 0.0163%.

Why is the bonus calculated daily? Isn’t this too complicated?

It might seem complicated at first, but as you can see from our example, it is simple and straightforward. We wanted to make sure that the people who keep their money invested for a longer period will receive a bigger cashback bonus. Seems fair, right?

The part of the formula “Outstanding for the day – Outstanding right before the start of the campaign” helps us make sure that we only calculate cashback bonus for the money added and invested during the campaign. 

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can add and invest during the campaign?

No. You can add and invest as much money as you want. There is, however, a 300 BGN limit on the maximum amount of cashback bonus that a single investor can receive

Do I receive a cashback bonus on the idle money in my account?

No. The money that you have deposited to your account but is not invested is not eligible for accruing a cashback bonus.

How can I maximize my cashback bonus?

There are 2 things you can do:
1.    Add more funds – the more money you add and invest, the bigger your cashback bonus will be. 
2.    Keep your money invested all the time – the bonus is accrued only on the amount of money that is invested.

How to keep my money invested all the time?

You can check every day for incoming payments and manually reinvest the idle money, but using the Auto Invest feature makes this much easier – you just have to adjust your criteria once and leave it automatically do the job for you. It is worth mentioning that if your filters are to specific, this can result in leaving some of the money idle. 

When will I receive my cashback bonus?

The cashback bonus will be transferred to your Klear account after the end of the campaign, in the first week of November. 

What will happen with my bonus if I withdraw money before the end of the campaign?

You will not lose the cashback bonus that you have accumulated up to this moment. It will be transferred to your account in the first week of November.

Can I withdraw my cashback bonus after the campaign ends?

Sure. Once the campaign is over and the cashback bonus is transferred to your account, it is up to you to decide what you want do with it. You can invest it or withdraw it.

Will the bonus have an influence on my return and profit? 

No. The bonus that you receive will not be included in the calculations of your annual return or profit. 

How exactly does investing with Klear work?

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