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We have aggregated all the parts of one loan in Portfolio

3 February 2017 / 3 min.

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Untill now, if you have made various transactions, buying parts of the same loan, they appeared as separate lines in your Portfolio. In time and with regular reinvesting, your Portfolio has been growing bigger and it gets harder to have a global view. That is why we decided to aggregate to simplify the follow up and the view. 

Until now, all pieces of loans purchased by Klear investors were displayed separtely in the Portfolio
Currently, on the Primary Market if various parts of the same loan are sold (by Klear or by investors), they appear as separate items. 

Until now, if various pieces of the same Klear loan are for sale on the primary market, they appear separately
This will also be a subject to change, since it artificially increases the size of the Market, but brings nothing, as all these parts are sold at the same price.

We already aggregated the Portfolio, and later we will do the same on the Markets.

Portfolio aggregation

Now, after this change, there is only one single line per loan, where the Invested Amount, Received Payments and Outstanding of each part are summed up. On the left side you can see the legal documents related to the various purchases made for this loan (one annex per purchase).

In case you have only one purchase, when clicking on the document icon, it opens the annex. In case you have various purchases, you can see a list of documents for these purchases. When you click on a row it opens the annex for that purchase.

After the aggregation, any investor can see in his portfolio the annexes related to any single purchase

We also aggregated the payments information in Transactions.
Previously you saw payments for every piece of credit you own, separately. From now on you can see only one transaction for the payment of the Principal and one for the payment of the Interest. This applies to all future transactions. Previous transactions remain split.