Markets simplification - Aggregation of various parts of a loan

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Markets simplification - Aggregation of various parts of a loan

9 March 2017 / 2 min.

In February, we simplified the view in the portfolio by aggregating all the parts of the same loan.

Now, we’ve just performed a similar simplification with an aggregation in the markets, removing unnecessary complexity and bringing a clearer view of the markets.

On the Primary Market, you now see only one line per loan, even if various investors or Klear are selling different parts of the same loan. These parts are all aggregated in a single item so that it’s easier to get quickly an overview of the market and faster to invest in loans.

On the Secondary Market, the aggregation is done for all parts of the same loan sold at an identical price (with same discount or extra cost).

If you’re currently selling a part of a loan, this loan will appear on the markets with a specific label “selling”, this label being visible only by you and the others investors selling parts of this loan. We alert you as it makes no sense to invest in a loan you already own and are trying to sell.

You will be able to invest again in this loan only after having canceled your listing for sale.

This alert will appear in both markets, even if the part you’re selling is present only in one of the two markets.

For example, if you have listed for sale a loan with a discount, the part you’re selling is displayed on the Secondary Market, aggregated with other parts for sale at the same discount. You will see the “selling” alert on the Secondary Market. But if the loan is also for sale on the Primary Market (without discount or extra cost), you will also see this “selling” alert on the Primary Market.

We also made slight improvements in the display of both markets. The most noticeable change is that, now, the date which appears below the loan ID is the financing date of the loan.

What will happen when a purchase occurs?

If more than one investor is selling parts of the same loan, priority will be given to the oldest listing. First In First Out rule.

This applies to all sellers except Klear. Klear will always be the last to sell as we want to give priority to investors who need liquidity.