Can I transfer money in euro?

If you don't have a BGN bank account, then you should send the money in EUR.
We will perform the change in BGN when we receive the money.

The BGN is in a currency board with the EUR since 2001 and the parity has never changed:
1 EUR = 1.95583 BGN at the Bulgarian National Bank rate

Buying EUR will be done at the rate applied by our servicing bank: 1 EUR = 1.951 BGN, equivalent to 0.25% commission.
Klear does not take any fee or margin.

When ordering the transfer, we recommend you to select the SEPA transfer option, if available.
If you can choose an option for who covers the bank transfer fee we recommend you to choose
SHA option.


Do not forget to mention your Klear account number in the Payment Details.


Here are the details for the payment order:

Beneficiary Name

Klear Lending AD

Beneficiary IBAN



DSK Bank



Payment Details

Number of your Klear account