What is Automatic investing?

Auto Invest tool is an easy and efficient solution to automatize your investments. It will invest your deposited money or reinvest already repaid investments in your wallet.

It’s the perfect option to ensure that you don’t miss opportunities by leaving idle money in your wallet.

You can opt for the Standard strategy or for a Custom strategy.

-    Standard strategy is the easiest option as you can activate it in 1 click
-    With a Custom strategy, you can set your own parameters and filters 

Auto Invest will check on every round hour if there are loans on the Primary Market matching the active strategy. If there is a match, Auto Invest will invest the predefined amount per loan. If not, it will check again for new loans on the next round hour.

At any time, you can switch between Standard and Custom strategies, adjust the parameters of the Custom, activate or stop Auto Invest.