What do I earn if I become a customer after being invited by a friend?

If you take a loan with Klear for the first time, you will get a discount on Klear fee. The discount is 25 BGN for a loan up to 5 000 BGN, 50 BGN for a loan between 5 000 BGN and 15 000 BGN, and 100 BGN for a loan above 15 000 BGN. It is automatically calculated and deducted from Klear fee when you receive your credit offer.

If you invest with Klear at least 1 000 BGN within 6 months after clicking on the link from your friend, you will receive 50 BGN on your wallet.

Beware, the reward is not earned if you’re an already existing customer of Klear or if you have been invited by your partner or by a close family member.