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Spravedlivovo: behind the scenes of our latest advertising campaign

4 November 2021 / 4 min.

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We live in a world in which being fair in the financial industry sounds like a utopia. Well, it is not. We know because we are doing it since 2016. And it works. You just need to be less greedy and to inspire more people to believe in the idea of a community in which everyone wins.  
Up to now, with few exceptions, our marketing spending was very limited. Nevertheless, we’ve been steadily growing mostly thanks to our happy customers who shared with their friends and family about Klear’s fair, simple and transparent conditions.  
However, the growth was slow. So slow indeed that it was not sustainable in the long term anymore. We needed to change our approach to marketing. Because our fair model is designed to connect many more people than we currently have as customers. This is the only way to reach our ultimate goal - to change the financial world for the better. 
We decided that it is time to launch a big marketing campaign. One that should help us get noticed by many more people who share our values and want to have a positive impact with their money.  
With the previous support of Varengold Bank and the most recent from NV3 fund, who trusted us and invested in Klear, at the beginning of this year we finally had the funding that we needed to scale big. 
And we started preparing. We first tried to get to know and understand our customers better by executing a big customer satisfaction survey. It was followed by a 2-month project with the brand and strategy experts from The Other Half. We met and talked to a lot of people and did a lot of working sessions to be able to go very deep, to the core of Klear, and to distil our values: fairness, ethical disruption, sustainability and impact-consciousness.   
Then we contacted Proof, one of the most creative advertising agencies in Bulgaria, to launch the next phase – the creative process. It is not easy to find a short, simple and inspiring visualization of what Klear is. But in the end, they did. Klear is fair. And is about finance from people to people. With Klear, you can get a fair return on your savings while helping people like you make a dream project happen. This led to the birth of Fairtown (Spravedlivovo in Bulgarian) – a utopian village in which people help each other and everyone benefits from it. Just like on Klear's platform. The only difference – Klear actually exists and is just a few clicks away.  
To turn the great creative idea into exceptional videos, Proof joined forces with the production company Push Pull. You can watch the commercials that they created here. Or on national TV.  
There are also print ads with the people from Spravedlivovo that will soon be available on a billboard near you.  
The advertising campaign will be running in the months to come on different channels, including digital.   
However, if you truly believe in the beauty of our fair peer-2-peer model, share the news about it with your friends and family. It will always remain our most successful form of advertising. Thank you!