Happy birthday, Klear!

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Happy birthday, Klear!

1 June 2017 / 1 min.

2 years ago, we created a company. There was nothing but a lovely idea and a bunch of great guys.

Now, Klear is servicing customers. It has been an amazing journey. We simply did not see the time passing.

Everything has been built from scratch. Sometimes, we ask ourselves how was that possible…

Day after day we welcome new readers of the blog, users of the Budget tool, borrowers, investors or visitors.
We work hard to constantly improve the products and the user experience.
Now our focus is on developing the activity in Bulgaria, growing our base of investors.

We will soon raise equity and we are planning the expansion of the P2P lending platform in Central and Eastern Europe. Poland first, then Romania, then …

We’re on the move.

From the core of our heart, many thanks to each and any of you who helped, encouraged and trusted us.

Let’s stay connected!

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